At Funerals by Design we are here to help you to “go your own way” with authentic, compassionate and affordable funerals, cremations and celebrations of life that truly reflect the person whose life we are celebrating.

As an independent funeral director, we offer a better way to say goodbye to the people you love, by changing the way that funerals are done.

  • We give you the time and any guidance you need to find the funeral service that suits you
  • We help you to “go your own way” with funerals that don’t follow a formula
  • We hold funerals, celebrations of life and wakes at the venue that feels right for you
  • We ensure funerals are affordable with no hidden markups
  • We are inclusive and embrace diversity of beliefs, age, sex, heritage and culture

Funerals By Design founder and owner, Karin Slade, is a Northern Beaches funeral director as well as a wake caterer. Although Funerals By Design is located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we provide complete funeral packages to the greater Sydney area.

Our professional funeral directors will help you with every aspect of creating a meaningful farewell and are available 24/7 to help you and answer any questions. Just call Karin on 0412 269 049.

We are here to help and can do as much or as little as you’d like. Just let us know how best to support you.

Our Funerals Don’t Follow
A Formula

No two human beings are the same so why should all funerals follow a formula?

Traditional or contemporary, inside or outside, large or small, in person or virtual … our authentic and affordable funerals are designed to truly reflect the personality of life we are celebrating.

There are so many ways we can help you make the funeral and wake as personal as you like, such as choosing a meaningful location, using music in different ways, presenting photos and videos, incorporating their personal items into the decorations and serving favourite food and drinks.

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Our Services

Where There’s a Will
There’s a Wake

Whether you are preparing for the death of someone close to you or creating your own funeral and wake plan, Where There’s a Will There’s a Wake was written to support you in owning your end-of-life choices, so you can “go your own way”, take the pressure and stress away from your family and friends, and create funerals and wakes that truly reflect the life you are celebrating.

Where There's a Will There's a Wake breaks through the myths of the funeral industry and explains the legal requirements around death and funerals. But most importantly, it gives you all the resources you need to make funerals and wakes a heartfelt, personal and appropriate celebration of life, rather than a tragedy.

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Create Your Frog Files For
When You Croak

We all have to get our paperwork in order, but it can be totally overwhelming to know just where to start and what you need to include.

This is why we’ve created the “Frog Files” to help people of all ages and stages of life to get organised before they croak!

Frog Files are about a lot more than just writing your will. Your Frog Files will guide you through EVERYTHING you need to do to take away stress and confusion for your family and loved ones, as well as ensuring your wishes are respected so you can “go your own way”!

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